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About HPS

HPS TeamHelicopter Parts & Service, Inc is an FAA repair station specializing in the maintenance and repair of Rotary-Wing Aircrafts. Located in Pompano Beach Florida, Helicopter Parts & Service, Inc provides superior service to the aviation community, domestically and internationally, with a prominence in Central and South America.

We take pride in what we do. Delivering high quality work and customer satisfaction are what drive us to always perform our best. In choosing Helicopter Parts & Service, Inc. you will have access to our vast network of approved vendors and service providers which will assist us in accomplishing any job your aircraft may need. From Annual Inspections to Dynamic Components overhaul of Interior Refurbishing; from Avionics Refreshers to Structural Repairs and Paint, Helicopter Parts & Service, Inc. is your one stop shop.


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Helicopter Parts & Service (HPS)
A One-Stop-Shop for Helicopter MRO
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